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On Coms Chatter ads-free social network, you own and have full control over all your content and data, - it's a great alternative to Facebook!
The Everyone stream contains all the latest public posts - you can Block users you don't like, Follow those you do like in your Favorites collection, you can visit specific users' pages, send Contact requests, Boost remarkable posts and Report bad ones.
Your My Page contains all your own posts, where you can present yourself, pin a special post to the top and use a dedicated URL - - to direct traffic from other websites to your My Page.
By limiting post-visibility to Contacts Only you can operate within a completely private environment, 100% sure that nothing will ever be seen by outsiders.
Alternatively, by Following and Contacting interesting people, you can build yourself an enjoyable online community, free of adverts and that flood of unwanted notifications :-)

Coms Chatter is an integrated division of, a maximally secure domain dedicated to secure communications and respecting the privacy of users' data. features no advertising and thus avoids privacy-violating, user-data-mining, 3rd-party cookies and foreign code which represent significant security risks.
The no-ads policy also keeps the site clean and free of noisy distractions :-) also integrates Coms Messenger, a totally private and secure messaging and video calling app featuring true end-to-end encryption in peer-to-peer communications, screen-sharing over voice + video calls, plus video recording and broadcast.
Coms is a Progressive Web App which runs in desktop, Android and Apple web browsers and can be installed ("add-to-home") to run like a native app in a stand-alone window, offering advanced functions such as offline notifications for incoming calls and messages.
This website does not use cookies.
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